Pursue God… Not A Sign.

When it comes to God, what are you pursuing? I know so often we say that we are pursuing God but I think often we are pursing a sign from God… It’s a small shift, but an important one. It is the difference between pursuing God Himself or pursuing what He can do for me. […]

Choose Today Who You Will Be Tomorrow – Daniel 1

What is going on y’all! Welcome back! How is your Faithful Pursuit of God going? Is it getting hard in the mundane routine right now? I think God is revealing a lot about us and our faith. This COVID-19 Pandemic is testing our faith. Here is the thing about tests… Tests don’t TEACH us things – […]

Oh No! I Don’t FEEL Intimate With God! Help!

Sometimes in our Faithful Pursuit of God there are times where we don’t feel intimate with God. I think a lot of us feel this way… feel off… during this COVID-19 pandemic where everything that we know has changed. We are stuck at home. We can’t worship the same. We don’t have community the way that we were designed. […]

How Do I Deal With Doubt? – Matthew 11:1-15

Doubt is one of the most prevalent hardships for Christians. If we got honest so many of us deal with doubts and questions but we will never express them. We feel as if we express doubts we are a weak Christian. No one has ever taught us how to communicate and pray through our doubts […]

Humble Theology – Job 34

Read Job 34. Job 34… the saga continues. Elihu’s rebuke of Job continues. He is calling him out saying that God has given him exactly what he deserved. As Job has sought to maintain his innocence he is being continually called out. Elihu is calling out Job for his arrogance while operating out of an […]

Show Jesus In Your Pain – Job 29

As we read the story of Job our hearts  break. We see ourselves in Job, his friends, the agony of the hearts involved and much more. Job is no different, he was a man just like us. He is struggling. It doesn’t make any sense. He was “on top of the world” and now he […]